Bài tập nâng cao tiếng Anh lớp 12 (phần 7)

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Bài tập nâng cao tiếng Anh lớp 12 (phần 7)

Mô tả BST Bài tập nâng cao tiếng Anh lớp 12 (phần 7)

Thư viện eLib đã biên soạn và sắp xếp các tài liệu hay tạo thành bộ sưu tập Bài tập nâng cao tiếng Anh lớp 12 (phần 7) dưới đây để quý thầy cô và các em thuận tiện trong quá trình tham khảo. Thư viện eLib kính chúc quý thầy cô ngày càng giảng dạy hay, các em học sinh học tập tốt!


Tóm tắt Bài tập nâng cao tiếng Anh lớp 12 (phần 7)

Bộ sưu tập Bài tập nâng cao tiếng Anh lớp 12 (phần 7) là một trong những BST đặc sắc của eLib, được chọn lọc từ hàng trăm mẫu tư liệu một cách kỹ lưỡng, mời các bạn tham khảo đoạn trích sau đây:

I. Cirle the best option to complete each sentence:
1. Hurry up! We’ve only got _________ time
a. few b. a few c. little d. much
2. Andy spent _________ money at the supemarket
a. many b. a lot of c. a number d. too
3. I am bored. I want to go _____ tonight
a. nice somewhere b. somewhere nice c. nice place d. a nice place
4. Close your eyes. I have _____ for you
a. some b. something c. anything d. one
5. I didn’t see _____ in front of me, but I heard _____ running behind me
a. no one/anyone b. someone/no one c. anyone/someone d. anyone/no one
6. I’ve lost my keys. I can’t find them _________
a. anywhere b. some where c. everywhere d. nowhere
7. I want _________ milk today
a. a few b. any c. some d. many
8. He’s always busy. He has _________ time to relax
a. much b. little c. a little d. plenty of
9. They had spent so _________ time on gaining the independence.
a. much b. many c. a lot d. very
10. I paid _________ money for a new house
a. many b. a few c. few d. a lot of
11. They spent _________ time studying victorian literature
a. few b. many c. much d. a few
12. There are _________ organizations to help the deaf and the blind
a. much b. a little c. many d. little
13. I'm very busy at the moment so it may take a _________ time to answer your letters.
a. little b. few c. small d. some
14. Very _________ people knew about it.
a. few b. a few c. much d. little
15. Thank you for bringing me along. I never thought Shakespeare could be so _________ fun.
a. many b. much c. few d. some

II. Complete the sentences:
1. She didn’t tell _________ about her plans
2. The accident looked serious but fortunately _________ was injured
3. “What’s in the box?” “_________. It’s empty”
4. I was too surprised to say _________
5. You must be hungry. Would you like _________ to eat
6. There’s _________ at the door. Can you go and see who it is
7. “Ouch! There’s _________ in my eye”. “Let me have a look. I can’t see _________
8. I’m bored. I want _____ interesting to read, or _____ interesting to talk to, or ______ interesting to go
9. I don’t have _____ money in the bank, but my brother has _____
10. I enjoy my life here. I have _____ friends and we meet quite often
11. The theatre was almost empty. There were very _____ people there
12. How _____ English words have you learnt so far?
13. How _____ money did you spend on your last your trip?
14. There weren’t _____ people at the lecture last Friday
15. We needn’t hurry. We’ve got _____ time
16. The children are making too _____ noise
17. Did you drink _____ beer at the party last night?
18. Hurry or we’ll be late. We have very _____ time
19. _____ people are afraid of snakes
20. Can you speak French? Just _____

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