Bài tập Would rather và Would sooner

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Bài tập Would rather và Would sooner

Mô tả BST Bài tập Would rather và Would sooner

Đến với bộ sưu tập Bài tập Would rather và Would sooner, quý thầy cô và các em học sinh sẽ có thêm nhiều tài liệu phục vụ cho công tác giảng dạy và học tập. Mời quý thầy cô giáo và các em học sinh tham khảo nhằm nâng cao chất lượng dạy và học trong chương trình giáo dục phổ thông.


Tóm tắt Bài tập Would rather và Would sooner

Đây là một đoạn trích hay trong BST Bài tập Would rather và Would sooner. Mời quý thầy cô tham khảo:
Bài tập 1:

A: Would you rather ………..a course in literature or science? (take)
B: I’d sooner …………for a science course because it’s more useful for me. (register)
A: Would you rather ………….English in Australia or Canada? (learn)
B: I think I’d rather …………..in Australia because it’s warmer there. (study)
A: If you needed to learn a new job skill, would you prefer ……….a class or ……….a private tutor? (attend / have)
B: I’d rather ………..for a class than ………..a tutor. Private tutors are too expensive! (sign up / hire)
A: Would you rather ………..a choir or an orchestra? (join)
B: I’d prefer ………..in a choir to …………in an orchestra. (sing / play)
A: Would prefer ………….a craft or ………..a new sport? (learn / attempt)
B: To tell you the truth, I’d rather not ……..either. I’d prefer ………TV. (do / watch)

Bài tập 2:
1. I’d rather you ______(not/drive) so fast, Pat
2. Sue went to France this year, but she says she would sooner ______ (go) to Spain.
3. It’s a shame you missed the party; I would rather you ______ (be) there.
4. John had better ______(not/speak) to me like that again.
5. He says he’d rather ______ (cook) his own food than eat in restaurants.
6. I’d rather you ______ (not/mention) this to anyone until next week.
7. Tim’s mother would rather he ______ (work) closer to home than he does.
8. Greg says he would rather ______( not/leave) things as they are.
9. She would prefer to meet you personally rather than ______ (talk) to you over the phone.
10. Sean prefers playing football to ______ (watch) it.
11. Would you rather ______ (write) in ink or in pencil?
12. Sheila prefers ______ (get up) early in the morning rather than ______ (oversleep)
13. Would he prefer ______ (drive) to work tomorrow rather than cycle?
14. I would rather ______(speak) directly to the manager than ______(deal) with his rude secretary as I did.
15. My father prefers to have a beard rather than ______(have) a shave every day.
16. Tom prefers ______ (ski) to ______(skate).
17. Wouldn’t you prefer to sit on this seat rather than ______(stand) for the whole journey?
18. We’d better ______ (take) some money for a taxy in case we ______(miss) the bus home.

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