Đề thi đại học môn Tiếng Anh khối A1 năm 2014

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Đề thi đại học môn Tiếng Anh khối A1 năm 2014

Mô tả BST Đề thi đại học môn Tiếng Anh khối A1 năm 2014

Kỳ thi TN PTQG & ĐHCĐ luôn là nỗi lo âu của các bậc phụ huynh và thí sinh. Thậm chí, có bạn còn mất ăn mất ngủ vì lo lắng cho việc ôn thi. Thư viện eLib hiểu được áp lực của kỳ thi này nên đã sưu tầm và tổng hợp tạo thành BST Đề thi đại học môn Tiếng Anh khối A1 năm 2014. Chúc bạn đạt được điểm số cao nhất trong kỳ thi sắp tới.

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Tóm tắt Đề thi đại học môn Tiếng Anh khối A1 năm 2014

Mời quý thầy cô và các em cùng tham khảo Đề thi đại học môn Tiếng Anh khối A1 năm 2014 được trích từ bộ sưu tập cùng tên dưới đây:

Mark the letter A, B, C, or D on your answer sheet to indicate the correct answer to each of the following questions.

Question 1: The higher the content of carbon dioxide in the air is, ______.
A. more heat it retains B. it retains the more heat
C. the heat it retains more D. the more heat it retains

Question 2: We received a call from the teacher ______ charge of our course.
A. at B. in C. on D. to

Question 3: Tom hasn't completed the work yet and Maria hasn't ______.
A. neither B. either C. too D. also

Question 4: ______ was the tea that we couldn’t drink it.
A. No longer B. So strong C. Hardly ever D. How strong

Question 5: We could have caught the last train, but we ______ five minutes late.
A. were B. would be C. have been D. are

Question 6: Do you remember ______ to help us when we were in difficulty?
A. you offer B. being offered C. once offering D. to offer

Question 7: In our team, no person ______ John could finish this tough task in such a short time.
A. including B. rather than C. outside D. other than

Question 8: ______ he got top marks at high school, he never went to university.
A. Nevertheless B. Despite C. Although D. Meanwhile

Question 9: The superstar, accompanied by the other members of the band, ______ to visit our school next week.
A. are going B. is going C. are D. has had

Question 10: Be sure not to rely too ______ on your mother tongue when you are learning a foreign language.
A. abundantly B. severely C. numerously D. heavily

Question 11: Communities in remote areas are extremely _____ to famine if crops fail.
A. vulnerable B. helpless C. disappointed D. defenseless

Question 12: I could hear voices but I couldn’t ______ what they were saying.
A. try out B. turn up C. make out D. bring about

Question 13: ______ always gives me real pleasure.
A. I arrange flowers B. The flowers are arranged
C. Arranging flowers D. While arranging flowers

Question 14: ______ a few more minutes, we could have finished the task.
A. If we had had B. If we have C. If we had D. Unless we had

Question 15: The theory of relativity ______ by Einstein, who was a famous physicist.
A. was developed B. developed C. is developed D. develops

Question 16: Mrs. Chau has managed the department ______ that she’ll be promoted next month.
A. too successfully B. so successfully C. too successful D. very successful

Question 17: Sammy had worked in England for a year ______ moving to Scotland.
A. before B. once C. until D. while

Question 18: We hoped ______ they would come and give us new lectures.
A. that B. what C. when D. which

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