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Đề thi Olympic Tiếng Anh lớp 3 vòng 12

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Chúng tôi xin giới thiệu phần trích dẫn nội dung của tài liệu đầu tiên trong bộ sưu tập Đề thi Olympic Tiếng Anh lớp 3 vòng 12 dưới đây:

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Lesson 0.2 Objective Words (Level 3A)
scare [skair] verb - to fill with fear; frighten. Erin was scared by the snake. She was still shivering after it went away.
surprise [ser-'prahyz] verb - to come upon or discover suddenly and unexpectedly. Her sudden and loud response surprised me.
noun - an act or instance of surprising or being surprised. The teacher's announcement was a surprise to all.
flick [flik] verb - move lightly and quickly. The boys have watched TV for a long time with the colorful cartoon figures flicking on the screen.
stamp [stamp] verb - to bring the foot down forcibly on the ground, floor, etc.. Robert regretted what he did so much that he stamped his foot several times.
earthquake ['urth-kweyk] noun - a sudden movement of the earth's crust.
ruin ['roo-in] noun - the remains of a building, city, etc., that has been destroyed. In learning the history, we visited the ruins of ancient Greece.
verb - to destroy completely; demolish. John's hiking plan was ruined by the storm.
prove [proov] verb - to establish the truth by evidence or argument. The scientist was eager to prove his claim in front of the audience.

Saved by a Fly
A Native American Story

One day, a giant moose came to drink at a river. He was very big and very thirsty. All day long, he drank and he drank. The other animals watched as the river started to empty. They were very worried.

“What shall we do?” moaned Beaver. “If Moose drinks all the water, our homes will be ____ 1 ____.” “It’s OK for you,” burbled Salmon. “You can live on land if you have to. Without the river, I'll die.” “He’s got to be stopped,” roared Buffalo. “Someone should ____ 2 ____ him away.” “Well, don't look at me!” growled Bear. “That moose is twice my size. One flick of his antlers, and I'd be off to the moon.” The others nodded sadly. Bear was right. They were all too scared to try to make Moose leave.

“Let me try,” buzzed Fly. The animals looked at Fly in ____ 3 ____. Then they started to laugh. “Ha, ha. How could you stop Moose? Look at the size of you!” “Just watch me try,” buzzed Fly.

A. scared
B. protected
C. built
D. ruined

A. hide
B. scare
C. push
D. ruin

A. earthquake
B. pleasure
C. surprise
D. tears

Fly flew onto Moose’s shoulder and bit him sharply. Moose ____ 4 ____ his enormous head, but he kept on drinking. Fly landed on Moose’s back leg, biting hard. Moose stamped until the ground shook, but he kept on drinking. Fly moved to Moose’s front leg and bit again. Moose was getting mad now. He splashed his leg into the river to get rid of Fly, but he kept on drinking.

Poor Fly nearly drowned, but he was determined not to ____ 5 ____. He flew hard to dry out his wings. Then he stopped to get his breath back. The other animals were worried. “Come back, Fly,” they called. “We’re sorry we made fun of you! Stop before you get hurt!” But Fly didn't listen. He made one last, angry attack. He zoomed around and around Moose’s head, biting and buzzing madly. Moose shook his head, ____ 6 ____ his feet, and splashed in the water. But Fly kept on buzzing and biting.

A. clapped
B. proved
C. nodded
D. flicked

A. give away
B. give off
C. give up
D. give into

A. raised
B. surprised
C. grew
D. stamped

Moose snorted and blew. He lifted his head and gave a mighty roar. But Fly kept on buzzing and biting. Fly was driving Moose crazy. Moose ran up and down the riverbank. He stomped and roared, making the ground shake as if there were ____ 7____. He rubbed himself against the trees, then rolled in the water. But Fly kept on buzzing and biting. At last, realizing that he was beaten, Moose left the river for good. The animals were overjoyed.

"You’ve saved my life!” burbled Salmon. Fly smiled and buzzed tiredly. “Well, that just ____ 8 ____ you can do anything if you try hard enough!”

A. a thunder
B. an earthquake
C. a monster
D. a mountain

A. proves
B. scares
C. ruins
D. evaluates

9. What is the main idea of the story?
A. A moose drinks a lot of the water in a river.
B. A group of animals is afraid of a big moose.
C. A fly gets rid of a troublesome moose.
D. A group of animals is always quarreling.

10. The fly solved the animals’ problem because he was brave, and he
A. frightened the moose.
B. didn't give up.
C. asked the moose to leave.
D. got the animals to work together

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