Đề thi Olympic Tiếng Anh lớp 4 vòng 26 năm 2013

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Đề thi Olympic Tiếng Anh lớp 4 vòng 26 năm 2013

Mô tả BST Đề thi Olympic Tiếng Anh lớp 4 vòng 26 năm 2013

Với mong muốn giảm bớt áp lực cho các em học sinh, thư viện eLib giới thiệu bộ Đề thi Olympic Tiếng Anh lớp 4 vòng 26 năm 2013. Đây là những đề thi được chọn lọc kỹ càng từ các kỳ thi trước giúp các em biết các dạng đề, làm quen với nhiều dạng bài tập khó. Hi vọng các em sẽ đạt kết quả tốt trong kỳ thi Olympic Tiếng Anh trên mạng sắp tới!

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Tóm tắt Đề thi Olympic Tiếng Anh lớp 4 vòng 26 năm 2013

Đây là một đoạn trích hay trong BST Đề thi Olympic Tiếng Anh lớp 4 vòng 26 năm 2013. Mời quý thầy cô tham khảo:

Chọn câu trả lời tốt nhất cho những câu hỏi dưới đây.
1. Nathan is running the booth selling snow cones at the county fair. He is keeping track of how many he sold using the graph above. How many more cherry snow cones did Nathan sell than raspberry snow cones?
A. 20 cherry snow cones B. 10 cherry snow cones
C. 15 cherry snow cones D. 5 cherry snow cones

2. Ashley’s job is to make sure all the library books at Texas Library are in order. She is about to go through the mystery, science fiction, and biography sections. She is using the graph above to see how many books are supposed to be on the shelves. Unfortunately, the key to the graph is missing. Thankfully, she remembered there are 120 mystery books, 90 science fiction books, and 75 biographies. According to Ashley’s knowledge, how many books does each book symbol on the graph represent?
A. 35 books B. 30 books C. 25 books D. 10 books

3. To help complete an art project, Miss Sanford wants to give each of her 24 students 4 paper clips. What is the exact number of paper clips Miss Sanford will need?
A. 86 B. 96 C. 106 D. 116

4. Donna is using a bike trail in Cape Cod to race her friend. She biked 12 miles in the last hour. If the race lasts four hours and she keeps up her pace, how far would Donna bike?
A. 3 B. 12 C. 16 D. 48

5. Chris is typing up the English paper he wrote about Robert Louis Stevenson. In the first 5 minutes, he typed 120 words. What was Chris’ average number of words typed per minute?
A. 20 B. 24 C. 600 D. 1440

6. Grace is getting married. She needs to buy stamps in order to mail out the wedding invitations. Postage stamps come in sets of one hundred, ten, five, and single stamps. Grace bought the packages of stamps described above. How many stamps did Grace buy?
A. 5,402 B. 5,042 C. 542 D. 452

7. Hank sold 15 hot dogs for $3 each at his food booth. Chandra sold 18 hot dogs for $2 each at her food booth. Which number sentence correctly compares Hank’s sales to Chandra’s sales?
A. 15 × $3 > 18 × $2
B. 15 × $3 < 18 × $2
C. 15 × $3 = 18 × $2
D. Not enough information is given.

8. Mrs. Green is the leader of the Outdoors Club. She is organizing a group of 68 people as they travel down Snake River by boat. Each boat can carry 8 people. How many boats will Mrs. Green need to make sure they have?
A. 8 B. 9 C. 76 D. 544

9. While Kara was sitting at the rodeo, she saw 22 rows of seats in her seating section. She counted 58 seats in each row. Which number sentence can Kara use to help her find out how many seats are in this section?

10. Aaron is thinking of a number. When his number is subtracted from 800, the answer is greater than 300. Which of the following numbers could be Aaron’s number?
A. 482 B. 709 C. 563 D. 627

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