Đề thi Olympic Tiếng Anh lớp 4 vòng 9

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Đề thi Olympic Tiếng Anh lớp 4 vòng 9

Mô tả BST Đề thi Olympic Tiếng Anh lớp 4 vòng 9

Mỗi năm cứ vào thời gian này là các em lại tất bật ôn tập để tham gia kỳ thi Olympic Tiếng Anh trên mạng. Để các em ôn tập dễ dàng,Thư viện eLib giới thiệu bộ Đề thi Olympic Tiếng Anh lớp 4 vòng 9. Thông qua bộ đề thi, các em sẽ làm quen với các dạng đề, biết điều chỉnh thời gian làm bài, rèn luyện và nâng cao trình độ. Chúc các em đạt được kết quả cao trong kỳ thi Olympic sắp tới!

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Tóm tắt Đề thi Olympic Tiếng Anh lớp 4 vòng 9

Đây là một đoạn trích hay trong BST Đề thi Olympic Tiếng Anh lớp 4 vòng 9. Mời quý thầy cô tham khảo:

Chọn câu trả lời tốt nhất cho những câu hỏi dưới đây.

1. Doggy Tom _____________ the newspaper every month, but he never reads the articles. Doggy Tom loves crossword puzzles; he immediately flips every issue around and goes straight for it.
A. infers
B. observes
C. wastes
D. subscribes to

2. The whole area around where I live is bone dry. All the vegetation around is brown, and on top of that most of the houses are older and made of wood. As you might guess, when one of those houses caught fire during the summer, it became the worst _____________ ever to hit the town.
A. accident
B. disaster
C. event
D. reputation

3. When in the library, all readers are required to _____________ its rules on the written signs. Kids can find them prohibitive, but they're pretty important: no running, no shouting, and no throwing things.
A. observe
B. infer
C. honor
D. respect

4. Bill, a veteran rancher from one of the southernmost parts of Texas, knew how to live off the land. One of the most important rules was keeping adequate water on hand for the people and the horses. In some of the desert areas water was pretty _____________, so that could sometimes be a challenge.
A. scarce
B. limit
C. rare
D. faint

 5. Last week I walked to the local museum on Sunday. On the way I saw someone staggering in the street. He was singing incoherently the whole time; I couldn’t understand a word. It was illegal in our town, but he had an open wine bottle in his hand, too! From his manners and appearance, I could easily _____________ that he was drunk.
A. observe
B. infer
C. prefer
D. offer

6. Sam's classmates did not like him. He had a big _____________ as a playground bully. Some thought that was fair, but others thought he was just misunderstood.
A. disaster
B. sign
C. brand
D. reputation

7. Companies that illegally _____________ of wastewater in local lakes or rivers are subject to hefty fines. Other polluters are caught and fined, too; the fines discourage future similar behavior.
A. subscribe
B. dispose
C. throw
D. persevere

8. A compass is a piece of freely rotating _____________ that indicates magnetic north. Before GPS (the Global Positioning System) is widely available, most people operated a compass for navigation by using the Earth’s magnetic poles.
A. disaster
B. aluminum
C. magnet
D. reputation

9. Mountain life produces a strong, tough ______________ of people. Hardened by the spartan lifestyle necessary to survive in the mountains, these people live a life unimaginable to most city dwellers.
A. section
B. reputation
C. breed
D. content

10. Ted had been a surgeon for more than twenty years. It was hard, rewarding work. Tom found it tough to stay on top of all the new technology coming out, but he ______________. Doing so ensured his patients would get the best care possible.
A. inferred
B. persevered
C. disposed
D. subscribed 

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