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Đề thi thử đại học năm 2014 trường THPT Chu Văn An, Hà Nội

Mô tả BST Đề thi thử đại học năm 2014 trường THPT Chu Văn An, Hà Nội

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Tóm tắt Đề thi thử đại học năm 2014 trường THPT Chu Văn An, Hà Nội

Mời quý thầy cô giáo và các em học sinh tham khảo nội dung của các tài liệu trong bộ sưu tập Đề thi thử đại học năm 2014 trường THPT Chu Văn An, Hà Nội. Đồng thời, quý thầy cô và các em học sinh xem thêm các tài liệu cùng chủ đề trong các bộ sưu tập khác trên Elib. Hoặc đăng nhập để tải về làm tư liệu tham khảo trong quá trình dạy và học.

NỘI Môn: Tiếng Anh
TRƯỜNG THPT CHU VĂN AN Thời gian làm bài: 90 phút
Đề thi gồm 08 trang, 80 câu hỏi
Mã đề: 001 Học sinh làm bài vào phiếu trả lời trắc nghiệm
I. Find the word that has its underlined part pronounced differently from the
other three in each question.
1. A. here B. hollow C. honour D. heat
2. A. missed B. washed C. hoped D. removed
3. A. bough B. bought C. thought D. sought
4. A. freight B. height C. weight D. eight
II. Find the word with the stress pattern different from that of the other three
words in each question.

5. A. disaster B. prisoner
C. agency D. family
6. A. international B. federation
C. society D. dedication
7. A. catastrophe B. emergency
C. conventional D. vulnerable
III. Circle A, B, C or D to choose the most suitable word or phrase for each
bank to complete each of the following sentences.

8. The BBC tries to ____ for all tastes with its four national programmes.
A. suit B. furnish C. regard D. cater
9. All three TV channels provide extensive ____ of sporting events.
A. vision B. coverage C. broadcast D. network
10. Once again I had to abandon the route I had ___ planned
A. formally B. originally
C. generally D. strongly
11. A group of birds standing by the water ___ when they heard a loud noise.
A. scared B. scattered C. flew D. fluttered
12. The ___ earthquake left 3000 homeless.
A. violent B. extensive C. endless D. furious
13. When I was young, I ___ always walk to school in the morning.
A. would B. could C. will D. did
14. My tooth isn‟t aching at the moment, but the unpleasant feeling of
stiffness still ___ on in my mouth.
A. remains B. lasts
C. continues D. lingers
15. The is a (n) ___ view of the whole valley from my bedroom window.
A. winding B. imposing C. bustling D. quaint
16. He wanted to get to the town centre but he got ___ the wrong bus and
ended up at the station.
A. in B. out of C. off D. on
17. About two hundred illegal immigrants have been ___ from the country
this year.
A. expelled B. enforced C. evicted D. expired
18. Mr. Smith ate his breakfast in great ___ so as not to miss the bus to
A. speed B. haste C. rush D. pace
19. I was ____ to believe that she was a representative of the Labour Party.
A. declared B. carried C. explained D. led
20. We don‟t want my father to know about the trip. Please, don‟t give us
A. off B. in C. on D. away
21. The rebels ___ the police station killing twenty-three police officers and
freeing about fifty prisoners.
A. ran over B. took over C. came across D. got by
22. - I‟m going to set up the equipment in a minute.
- ____ give you a hand?
A. Shall I B. Will I C. Would I D. Do I
23. - You must be Jane‟s sister. Glad to meet you.
- _______
A. I am, either B. So I am. I‟m glad.
C. What do you do? D. Me too
24. - Goodbye, Susie!
- _______ !
A. So so B. The same C. Yeah D. So long
25. Contrary to popular belief, present-day historians see the Renaissance as
an economic ___ and agree that a lot of peasants and urban poor, the
majority of the population, worsened during this period.
A. regression B. progression
C. evolution D. flexibility
26. Due to ___ a lack of production ___ increasing housing prices, Liverpool
is now ranked as one of the least affordable cities countrywide.
A. neither/nor . scarcely/before
C. hardly/when D. both/and
27. As I have just had a tooth ___, I am not allowed to eat or drink anything
for three hours.
A. taken out B. crossed out
C. broken off D. tried on
28. “What would you like to order, Sir?” “I ____ the lamb.”
A. have B. am going to have
C. will have D. am having
29. The surface of the moon was shaped by meteorites ____ craters of all
A. that impact formed B. which forming
C. whose impact formed D. are forming
30. ____ the children have been left in the cold is anybody‟s guess, although
it appears that they will all be brought back to health.
A. How long B. That
C. It is D. While
31. ____ of smell, might, without our realizing it, affect who we choose as
friends has been suggested.
A. That our sense B. Sense
C. For out sense D. Because our sense
32. The Board of Directors determined, after having tried to enter several
related business arenas, ___ concentrate on its core business.
A. that the company should B. should
C. that D. company
33. ___ with their surroundings, or hide in crevices for protection.
A. Lobsters B. Lobsters blend
C. Lobsters blending D. Because lobsters blend
34. I‟m surprised to hear that Wendy and Harry have ____. They seemed very
happy together when I saw them last in Munich.
A. ended up B. finished up C. split up D.
35. Please cutmy hair ___ the style in this magazine.
A. the same length as B. the same length like
C. the same long like D. the same long as
IV. Mark the letter A, B, C or D on your answer sheet to indicate the answer
which is SIMILAR in meaning to the underlined part.

36. The newlyweds agreed to be very frugal in their shopping because they
wanted to save enough money to buy a house.
A. economical . wasteful C. interested D.
37. I‟m looking for a unique gift for my boyfriend, he appreciates unusual
A. stunning B. phenomenal C. one of a kind D.
38. Expecting that his license would be renewed, the pilot was surprised when
it was revoked instead.
A. accepted B. finalized C. rescinded D. stolen
39. The company makes every effort to respond to customer queries and will
reply to them via email within two business clays.
A. complaints B. questions C. agreements D.
40. After I spent a couple of hours picking his brain, his scheme started to
make sense.
A. questioning B. beating him C. threating D.
teaching him
V. Mark the letter A, B, C or D on your answer sheet to show the
underlined part that needs correction in each of the following questions.

41. A number of people who attended the fair exceeded our expectations.
42. Peter couldn‟t understand what had decided because too many people were
talking at once.
43. I managed to talk to Carol just while she was leaving.
44. Transplanting organs such hearts and kidney has proved easier than
transporting muscles.
45. Not until much later did she realize her long-known partner had been lying
VI. Read the passage and choose the best answer to each question from
your choices ( A, B, C, D ) given. Mark your choice on the answer sheet.

Description: The Emperor Penguin is the world's largest and tallest penguin. It is
also the heaviest penguin, with some individuals recorded at nearly 100 pounds.
Adults have a black head, back, tail, and black wings. The underparts are dingy
white. The sides of the neck are marked with a large golden or yellow stripe. In
addition, there is a varying amount of gold on the upper breast. Like most
penguins, the Emperor Penguin has thick, waterproof feathers that cover the
entire body except for the bill and feet. Emperor Penguins normally live about
20 years in the wild, though some individuals have been recorded at 40 years of
Diet: Crustaceans, krill, and small fish. Emperor Penguins will dive to depths of
800 feet in search of food. Most dives last 3-6 minutes.
Predators: Sharks, Leopard Seals, Orcas. Chicks are vulnerable to predation
from South Polar Skuas.
Range: The Emperor Penguin is found throughout the Antarctic perimeter. It is
the only species of penguin to breed during the Antarctic winter. Breeding takes
place about 60 miles from the coast in the Antarctic interior, where temperatures
regularly drop to -40 degrees Celsius. The trek from the Antarctic coastline to
the breeding grounds was the inspiration for "March of the Penguins".
Nesting: Female Emperor Penguins lay a single egg in May or June. After the
egg has been laid, the female must immediately feed in the ocean. First, the egg
is carefully transported to the male, who incubates the egg under a brood patch
that rests above the feet. Occasionally, the transfer is unsuccessful and the egg
rolls onto the ice and instantaneously freezes.
The male will incubate the egg for up to 65 days! During this time, he will not
eat a single meal. On particularly cold days, hundreds of male penguins may
gather together in a compact huddle to warm themselves in the pounding
Antarctic winds. In about two months, the female returns and locates her mate

and chick by sound. She regurgitates food stored in her stomach to feed the
growing chick. The male then takes his turn feeding in the ocean and returns
after about a month, at which point both parents tend to the chick by
regurgitating food and keeping it off the ice. Once the chick is about seven
weeks old, it joins other chicks in a creche (huddle) to keep warm.
Status: Populations of Emperor Penguins are thought to be stable. Estimates
indicate about 200,000 breeding pairs.
46. What color is the tail of the Emperor Penguin?
A. black
B. orange
C. white
D. yellow
47. Which of the following animals only preys on Penguin chicks?
A. seals
B. skuas
C. sharks
D. orcas
48. Which of the following statement is true?
A. The female locates her chick by smell
B. After the egg is laid, the male ventures off to the sea first
C. Both parents will feed chicks by regurgitating food.
D. The female locates her chick by sight.
49. At the end of the passage, a line reads “Population of Emperor Penguins are
thought to be stable. Estimates indicate about 200,000 breeding pairs.”
What does stable mean?
A. Staying the same
B. Uncertain
C. Decreasing
D. Increasing
50. How many eggs are laid by the female Emperor Penguin?
A. 2
B. 0
C. 1
D. 3
51. What happens third?
A. The male feeds in the ocean while the female tens to the chick.
B. The young penguin joins a creche.
C. The female feeds in the ocean while the male incubates.
D. The egg transfer.
52. Which of the following is NOT true?
A. The female lays an egg during the Antarctic winter.
B. After the female lays the egg, the male must immediately feed in the
C. Sometimes, the egg transfer from the female to male results in the egg
D. The male incubates for more than two months without eating
53. Where to Emperor Penguins breed?
A. the Antarctic interior
B. In the water
C. Along the coast
D. South America
54. Which of the following is NOT part of the diet of the Emperor Penguin?
A. krill
B. crustaceans
C. insects
D. fish
55. Which of the following scenarios is unlikely?
A. Finding an Emperor Penguin that is about 20 years old.
B. Finding an Orca that has just eaten an Emperor Penguin.
C. Finding an Emperor Penguin after it has been underwater for 10
D. Finding an Emperor Penguin that weighs 80 pounds.
VII. The words in italics below a cues. Make sentences expressing an
imaginary situation by choosing from the alternatives A, B, C and D the
best way to make a meaningful sentence. Identify your answer by circling
the corresponding letter A, B, C or D.

56. Intense/heat/ searing/ sun/ lack/ water/ be/ just/ a few/ challenges/ faces/
desert animals.
A. Intense in heat, the searing sun, and the lack of water are just a few of
the challenges facing deserts animals.

B. Intense heat, searing sun, and lack of water are just a few of the
challenges facing desert animals.
C. Intense heat, searing sun, and lack of water is just a few of the
challenges facing desert animals.
D. Intense in heat, searing in sun, and lack in water are just a few of the
challenges facing desert animals.
57. Many/ animals/ be/ nocturnal/ sleep/ hot/ day/ come out/ night/ eat/ hunt.
A. Many animals are nocturnal, sleeping during the hot day and only
coming out at night to eat and hunt.
B. Many animals are nocturnal who are sleeping during the hot day and
only coming out at night to eat and hunt.
C. Many animals are nocturnal, who sleeping all the hot day and only
coming out at night to eat and hunt.
D. Many animals are nocturnal, are sleeping during the hot day and only
coming out at night to eat then hunt.
58. In fact/ deserts/ be/ second/ only/ tropical/ rainforests/ variety/ of/ plant/
and/ animal/ species/ live/ there.
A. In fact, deserts are second only under tropical rainforests in the variety
of plant and animal species that live there.
B. In fact, deserts are second only to tropical rainforests in the variety of
plant and animal species that live there.
C. In fact, deserts are second only behind tropical rainforests in the variety
of plant and animal species that are living there.
D. In fact, deserts are second only to tropical rainforests within the variety
of plant and animal species living there.
59. Many/ fascinating/ features/ desert/ plants/ be/ traits/ help/ plant/ survive/
its/ harsh/ environment
A. Many the fascinating features of desert plants are traits that help the
plant survive in its harsh environment.
B. Many of the fascinating features for desert plants are traits that help the
plant survive under its harsh environment.
C. Many of the fascinating features of desert plants are traits which help the
plant survives within its harsh environment.
D. Many of the fascinating features of desert plants are traits that help the
plant survive in its harsh environment

60. Pleated shape/ Barrel Cactus/ allow/ it/ expand/ when/ it/ rain/ store/
water/ its spongy tissue.
A. Thanks to the pleated shape of the Barrel Cactus which allows it to
expand when it rains and store water in its spongy tissue.
B. With the pleated shape, the Barrel Cactus allows it to expand when it
rains and store water in its spongy tissue.
C. The pleated shape of the Barrel Cactus allows it to expand when it rains
and store water in its spongy tissue.
D. The pleated shape of the Barrel Cactus allows it expand when it rains
and store water in its spongy tissue.
VIII. Read the passage and then decide which word ( A, B, C, or D ) best fits
each space.
Prior to the 19th century, (61) ………… scientists did not exist and
scientific research was largely carried out by amateurs. However, while science
today is mostly the (62) ………… of professionals, a recent US survey
highlighted the fact that amateurs (63) ………… an important role in at least
seven fields and indeed many professionals are (64) ………… on their
cooperation. In areas such as astronomy, amateurs can (65) ………… invaluable
when making specific observations.
Similarly in the area of palaeontology, their involvement is invaluable and
helpers are easy to recruit (66) ………… of the popularity of dinosaurs. Amateur
birdwatchers also play (67) ………… active role and their work has led to the
establishment of a (68) ………… program. Occasionally, the term „amateur‟ has
been the source of disagreement and (69) ………… names have been suggested,
but generally speaking, as long as the professional scientists (70) ………… the
work of the non- professionals, the two groups can work productively together.

61. A. professional B. old C. enthusiastic
D. formal
62. A. region B. domain C. boundary D.
63. A. copy B. act C. play
D. take
64. A. mutual B. reliant C. related D.

65. A.be B. get C. turn D.
66. A. In spite B. instead C. regardless D.
67. A. an B. a C. few D.
68. A. surrounding B. defense C. conservation
D. protection
69. A. alternative B. other C. rich
D. abundant
70. A. accept B. know C. acknowledge D.
IX. Read the following text and mark the letter A, B, C, or D on your
answer sheet to indicate the correct answer to each question.
Fleas are perfectly designed by nature to feast on anything containing blood.
Like a shark in the water or a wolf in the woods, fleas are ideally equipped to do
what they do, making them very difficult to defeat. The bodies of these tiny
parasites are extremely hardy and well-suited for their job. A flea has a very
hard exoskeleton, which means the body is covered by a tough, tile-like plate
called a sclerite. Because of these plates, fleas are almost impossible to squish.
The exoskeletons of fleas are also waterproof and shock resistant, and therefore
fleas are highly resistant to the sprays and chemicals used to kill them. Little
spines are attached to this plate. The spines lie flat against the flea‟s thin,
narrow body as the flea scurries through an animal‟s fur in search of food.
However, if anything (like fingers or a self grooming pet) tries to pull a flea off
through the hair coat, these spines will extend and stick to the fur like Velcro.
Fleas are some of the best jumpers in the natural world. A flea can jump seven
inches, or 150 times its own length, either vertically or horizontally. An
equivalent jump for a person would be 555 feet, the height of the Washington
Monument. Fleas can jump 30,000 times in a row without stopping, and they
are able to accelerate through the air at an incredibly high rate—a rate which is
over ten times what humans can withstand in an airplane. Fleas have very long
rear legs with huge thigh muscles and multiple joints. When they get ready to
jump, they fold their long legs up and crouch like a runner on a starting block.
Several of their joints contain a protein called resilin, which helps catapult fleas
into the air as they jump, similar to the way a rubber band provides momentum
to a slingshot. Outward facing claws on the bottom of their legs grip anything
they touch when they land. The adult female flea mates after her first blood
meal and begins producing eggs in just 1 to 2 days. One flea can lay up to 50
eggs in one day and over 2,000 in her lifetime. Flea eggs can be seen with the
naked eye, but they are about the size of a grain of salt. Shortly after being laid,
the eggs begin to transform into cocoons. In the cocoon state, fleas are fully
developed adults, and will hatch immediately if conditions are favorable. Fleas
can detect warmth, movement, and carbon dioxide in exhaled breath, and these
three factors stimulate them to emerge as new adults. If the flea does not detect
appropriate conditions, it can remain dormant in the cocoon state for extended
periods. Under ideal conditions, the entire life cycle may only take 3 weeks, so
in no time at all, pets and homes can become infested. Because of these
characteristics, fleas are intimidating opponents. The best way to control fleas,
therefore, is to take steps to prevent an infestation from ever occurring.

71. The primary purpose about the physical characteristics of fleas___________.
A. educate the reader about the physical characteristics of fleas
B. compare fleas to other members of the animal kingdom
C. relate the problems that can result from a flea infestation
D. explain why a flea infestation is hard to get rid of
72. The author‟s tone in the passage is best described as___________.
A. concerner B. passionate C. informative D.
73. According to the passage, fleas are resistant to sprays and chemicals because
A. have waterproof sclerites B. are excellent jumpers
C. reproduce very rapidly D. can stick to fur like Velcro
74. Fleas are difficult to squish because they have____________.
A. sclerites B. tough spines
C. resilin in their joints D. All of the above
75. According to the passage, which of the following statements is true?
A. Fleas extend their little spines if threatened.
B. Fleas have the ability to jump higher than humans.
C. Humans can jump higher if they consume foods containing resilin.
D. The resilin found in fleas is used to make rubber bands.
76. According to the passage, fleas are able to jump__________.

A. with a high rate of acceleration
B. with a high rate of acceleration and up and down an from side to side
C. because the blood they eat contains resilin
D. up and down and from side to side and because the blood they eat
contains resilin
77. Based on information in the passage, the reader can understand
A. fleas will die without access to blood
B. fleas survive at a higher rate in outdoor habitats
C. fleas will die after they produce 2,000 eggs
D. newly hatched fleas are the size of a grain of salt
78. The author mentions the Washington Monument in order to____________.
A. estimate the extreme distance that a flea is able to jump
B. illustrate a comparison made between fleas and humans
C. clarify a point made regarding fleas and acceleration
D. demonstrate the superiority of fleas over humans
79. It can be inferred that fleas will emerge from eggs as adults_____________.
A. when they outgrow the cocoon
B. after a period of 3 weeks
C. when they sense there is access to blood
D. if there is too much carbon dioxide in the cocoon
80. Using the information in the passage as a guide, it can be concluded
A. humans do not possess the physical characteristics of the flea because
they have no use for them
B. humans do not pay much attention to fleas because they do not pose a
serious threat
C. fleas have many physical advantages, although these are outweighed by
their many disadvantages
D. fleas are designed in such a way as to give them unique physical
advantages in life

-----THE END-----

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