Bộ đề và Đáp án thi thử ĐHCĐ môn Tiếng Anh năm 2014

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Bộ đề và Đáp án thi thử ĐHCĐ môn Tiếng Anh năm 2014

Mô tả BST Bộ đề và Đáp án thi thử ĐHCĐ môn Tiếng Anh năm 2014

Thư viện eLib luôn đồng hành cùng với các bạn thí sinh trong việc chuẩn bị cho một kỳ thi ĐHCĐ đạt kết quả cao. Chúng tôi đã sưu tầm để giới thiệu Bộ đề và Đáp án thi thử ĐHCĐ môn Tiếng Anh năm 2014 đến với các bạn thí sinh chuẩn bị đối mặt với môn tiếng Anh trong kỳ thi ĐHCĐ tới. Hi vọng, bộ đề thi thử kèm đáp án này sẽ giúp ích cho việc ôn thi của các bạn đạt kết quả cao.

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Tóm tắt Bộ đề và Đáp án thi thử ĐHCĐ môn Tiếng Anh năm 2014

Đề thi thử ĐHCĐ môn tiếng Anh năm 2014 - Đề số 1

1: Everyone can join our club, _______age and sex.
A. in place of B. regardless of C. in case of D. not mention

2: The total cost to renovate the building was $13.75 million, ____ double the original estimate.
A. mostly B. most all C. the most D. almost

3: He went _________ a bad cold just before Christmas.
A. in for B. over C. through D. down with

4: ________ wait for no man.
A. Tide and fire B. Time and tide C. Time and fire D. Tide and time

5: -”Do you have a minute, Dr Keith?” – “________”
A. Sorry, I haven’t got it here. B. Good, I hope so.
C. Sure. What’s the problem? D. Well. I’m not sure when.

6: I saw him hiding something in a_______ bag.
A. small plastic black B. black small plastic C. small black plastic D. plastic small black

7: _____ calculations have shown that the earth’s resources may run out before the end of the next century.
A. Crude B. Blunt C. Rude D. Raw

8: The book says that the revolution was_____ off by the assassination of the state governor.
A. launched B. cropped C. triggered D. prompted

9: Jane had a problem with her finances, so we talked _____and no wit’s fine.
A. over B. it over C. over it D. over and over

10: Governments should __________ international laws against terrorism.
A. bring up B. bring in C. bring about D. bring back

11: Beneath the streets of a modern city _____ of walls, columns, cables, pipes, and tunnels required to satisfy the needs of its inhabitants.
A. the existing network B. exists the network
C. the network’s existence D. where exists

12: I usually buy my clothes_____. It’s cheaper than going to the dress maker.
A. on the house B. off the peg C. in public D. on the shelf

13: We put his rude manner __________ ignorance of our British customs.
A. up to B. down to C. off at D. up with

14: If I were you, I would regard their offer with considerable _____, because it seems too good to be true.
A. reservation B. disbelief C. suspicion D. doubt
15: She lifted the phone receiver, __________ slightly.
A. her hands trembling B. her hands were trembling
C. her hands trembled D. with her hands trembling

16: He suddenly saw Sue _____the room. He pushed his way_____ the crowd of people to get to her.
A. across/through B. over/through C. over/along D. across/across

17: I would sooner you __________ the office phone for personal purpose.
A. shouldn’t have used B. shouldn’t use C. not to use D. didn’t use

18: – “Ooh! Shakespeare in Love” on Channel Four!‟ – “ __________ !‟
A. Go and watch it B. It’s all right
C. But I want to see it D. But it’s football’s time

19: Is it necessary that I _____ here tomorrow?
A. am being B. were C. be D. would be
20: I walked away as calmly as I could . _______ , they would have thought I was a thief.
A. If so B. Or else C. In case D. Owing to

21: “Your parents must be proud of your result at school”. – “_______”
A. Sorry to hear that. B. I am glad you like it.
C. Thanks. It’s certainly encouraging. D. Of course

22: In most _____ developed countries, up to 50% of _____ population enters higher education at some time in their lives.
A.  the  D. the / a

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