Giáo án Tiếng Anh 10 Unit 6: An excursion

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Giáo án Tiếng Anh 10 Unit 6: An excursion

Mô tả BST Giáo án Tiếng Anh 10 Unit 6

Các bài soạn hay, bổ ích của các giáo viên có kinh nghiệm giảng dạy được chúng tôi tổng hợp trong bộ Giáo án Tiếng Anh 10 An Excursion. Giáo án này sẽ giúp các em học sinh có thể nói về một chuyến đi chơi trong hoặc ngoài nước, lên kế hoạch cho một chuyến đi trong tương lai; đồng thời được học cách phân biệt các âm /∂/ và /З:/ và phát âm chúng một cách chính xác. Thư viện eLib hi vọng giáo án này sẽ góp phần giúp các thầy cô có được một bài soạn hay.

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Tóm tắt Giáo án Tiếng Anh 10 Unit 6



I. Objectives:

1. Educational aim: Students should appreciate the modern computers that help make our life comfortable and should know how to use them properly and economically

2. Knowledge:

  • General knowledge: Students get information about some famous places in Viet Nam
  • Language: Sentences and expression for describing some beauty spots
  • New words: Words related to famous places in Viet Nam

3. Skill: Reading for gist and for specific information about an excursion to a beautiful spot near Ha Noi

II. Method:

  • Intergrated mainly communicative

III. Teaching Aids:

  • Textbook, large pictures about Thien Mu pagoda,  Ha Long Bay, Da Lat

IV. Procedure:


2.Check old lesson

3.New lesson

Teacher’s activities

Students’ activities


Warm-up :(5 minutes)

- Hang large pictures of reading part on the board and give a list of famous places in Viet Nam, such as:

+ Thien Mu pagoda

+ Ha Long Bay

+ The one-pillar pagoda

+ Valley of Love

- Ask the students to match the photos with the information on the board

Pre-reading: (7 minutes­)

- Ask students some questions:

1. Have you ever visited Thien Mu Pagoda?

2. Is it beautiful?

3. Have you ever visited Ha Long Bay?

4. Where is it?

5. Where is the one-pillar pagoda?

- Let students sit in pairs and ask students to match the photos with the information in the books

- Walk round and give comments when students need help

- Give correct answer

While-reading: (20 minutes)

* Task 1: Multiple choice

- Ask students to read the letter individually and choose the best answer A, B, C or D to complete each of the sentences

- Call on students to read and explain their answers in front of the class

- Give correct answers

* Task 2: Answer the questions

- Ask students to read all questions

- Ask students to work in pairs and answer the questions

- Call on some pairs to act out the activity in front of the class

- Give correct answers

Post- reading: (10 minutes)

- Ask students to read the summary carefully

- Ask students to do the task

- Ask students to compare their answers with their friends

- Call on some students to read the completed summary

- Give correct answers

Homework: (3 minutes)

- Ask students to write about their own excursion (100 words)

- Match the photos with the information on the board

1. Yes, I have.

2. Yes, it is.

3. Yes, I have.

4. It’s in Quang Ninh.

5. It’s in Ha Noi.

- The answers may be various

Number 1: is Thien Mu pagoda. It’s on the left bank of Huong River, 6 kilometres from the city

Number 2: is Ha Long Bay. It’s a picturesque site, wonder of the world, 165 kilometres from Ha Noi.

Number 3: is the one-pillar pagoda. It was built in 1049 in the shape of a lotus.

Number 4: is Da Lat city. It’s a mountain resort (altitude 1,500m) with some wonderful places to visit: Xuan Huong Lake, pine forests, waterfalls

- Give correct answers:

1.C – 2. D – 3.A






- Read and answer all the questions

1. They are going on a trip when they have some days off after the 1st term.

2. They are visiting some caves because they want to understand their geography lesson better and many of them have never been inside a cave.

3. It’s only over 20 km.

4. They are going to make a two-day trip and have a night campfire. They are bringing their own food and sharing buses with some other classes to make the trip cheap.

5. Lan is anxious about her parents’ permission. They may not want to let her stay the night away from home.


- Read the summary carefully

- Do the task

1. going to make

2. some caves

3. want to be

4. have learnt

5. their trip

6. only problem

7. to persudade them

8. her classmates


- Write down on the notebooks



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