Giáo án Tiếng Anh 11 Unit 8: Celebrations

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Giáo án Tiếng Anh 11 Unit 8: Celebrations

Mô tả BST Giáo án Tiếng Anh 11 Unit 8

Đến với bộ sưu tập Giáo án Tiếng Anh 11 Celebrations quý thầy cô giáo và các bạn học sinh sẽ có được tiết học thú vị, mang lại hiệu quả cao. Thông qua những bài soạn giáo án được biên soạn từ các giáo viên khác nhau quý thầy cô sẽ có được những bài dạy đạt chất lượng tốt nhất. Học sinh nhanh chóng nắm bắt được nội dung bài học về cách dùng tiếng Anh để nói về những kỷ niệm của tết và các hoạt động lễ hội khác. Bên cạnh đó, học sinh còn được thực hành viết về một số lễ kỷ niệm phổ biến ở Việt Nam và thiệp chúc mừng; biết cách sử dụng đại từ có (s), someone, no one, anyone, everyone và vốn từ vựng để nói về các ngày lễ, lễ kỷ niệm... Thư viện eLib hi vọng giáo án này sẽ góp phần giúp các thầy cô có được một bài soạn hay.

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Tóm tắt Giáo án Tiếng Anh 11 Unit 8



I. Objectives unit Celebrations

  • By the end of the lesson , Ss will be able to :
    • Develop such reading micro-skills as scanning for specific ideas and guessing meaning in context .
    • Use the information they have read to discuss the topic

II. Materials unit Celebrations

  • Textbook , handouts

III. Anticipated problems unit Celebrations

  • Ss may not have enough vocabulary to talk about the topic , so should be ready to help them .

IV. Procedure unit Celebrations


T’s Activities

Sts’ Activities

6 ‘

Warm –Up

Competition game – Network

- T prepares a handout with a crossword puzzle of some festivals and celebrations in Vietnam and the world .

- T divides the class into small groups of 3-4 students . Then T gives each group a handout to do their own groups . Which group finishes first and has all the correct answers will be the winner .

- A variant of this activity : T draws or prepares two big copies of the crossword and hangs them on the board . T calls two pairs of Ss to go to the board and ask them to do the crossword as quickly as possible . The pair with the quickest and most correct answers will be the winner


  1. The purpose of this Vietnameses fesrival is to celberate the largest full moon in the year

3 . It si the day when Christians celebrate the birth of Christ

5 .In this festival ,men give their mohers wives , girlfriends ... flowers and gifts

7 . It is day in each year which is the same dates as the one on which you were born .

8 . a public holiday in the US (on the fourth Thursday in Novenmber ) and in Canada (on the second Monday in October ) orginally to give thanks to God for the harvest and for health


2 . This festival is the most important celebration of the year and makes the beginning of spring

4 . It is a holiday celebrated on the night of October 31 , usually costumes and going door-to –door collecting candy .

6 . It is a Sunday in March or April when Chirstians remember the death of Christ and his return to life

- T introduces the topic of the Unit

Group work
























Before You Read

Discussing Tet holiday

- T asks the whole class to look at the picture on page 90 and discuss the three questions in pairs .

- T goes around to offer help

- T calls on some Ss to present their answers and eclicts commemts from other Ss . T gives feedback if necessary .

Suggested answers :

1 . It is Spring and it should be Tet holiday because we can see the apricot blossom and a kumquat tree full of ripe fruits

2 . The people in the picture may be a family . The grandmother is giving her nieceand nephew some lucky money . The girl , the boy and their parents may be wishing their grandparents good health and happiness .

3 . In the picture we can aslo see a five – fruit tray on the ancestral altar(mân ngũ quả trên bàn thờ tổ tiên )and a dish of fruits , a tray of candied fruits and a banh chung on the table .

- now Ss work in pairs to tell which of the activities in the book they enjoy doing most at Tet . Ss may also list other activities they like doing at Tet . T reminds Ss to give reasons for their answers .

- T calls on some Ss to present their answers and other Ss comment .

Pre – teaching Vocabulary

Note : T should only teach the words which do not appear in Task 1 .

Lunar New Year : Tết âm lịch

To fall between ... and ...:rơi vào khoảng thời gian từ ... đến

To spread : kéo dài

To be full of : having or containing a large number or amount of sth : đầy nhiều

Candied fruit :mứt

Posttive comments : những lời nói tốt đẹp

- If there is some time left , T may ask some Ss to make sentebces with the above words to check their understanding

Pair work & whole class


























































While You Read

Setting the scene

You are going to read a passage about Tet holiday in Vietnam . While you are reading , do the tasks in the textbook


Instruction : Find the meanings of the words . You can also use your dictionary .

- T writes these words on the board :

Grand , banner , sugared apples , agrarian , pray , excitement

- Then T instructs Ss to read the passage quickly and stop at the lines that contain these words to guess their meanings .

- Ss guess the meaning of the words based on the contexts in the sentences . For example , to guess the meaning of grand (line 1 , first paragraph ) Ss may base their guessing on other words such as main holiday , important . To guess the meaning of pray (line 6 , last paragraph ) they pay attention to pagoda , happy year ...

- T checks that Ss undertanding by asking them to provide the Vietnamese equivalents to the words . If Ss find it difficult to guess the meaning of any word , T should elitict and give suggestions

Suggested answers :

1 . grand : impressive and larger : trọng đại , hoành tráng

2 . Banner : a long piece of cloth with a message on it that is carried between two poles or hung in a public place to show support for sth : biểu ngữ , băng rôn

3 . sugered apples : táo dầm đường

4 . Agrarian : connected with farming and the use of land for farming : thuộc về nông nghiệp

5 . Pray : to speak to God .especially to gove thanks or ask for help : cầu nguyện

6 . Excitement : the state of feeling excited : niềm vui thích , sự nô nức nhộn nhịp


Instruction : You are to read the passage and decide whether the statements are True (T) or Fasle (F)

- T instructs Ss to use some strategies to do task :

+ first , quickly read through the statements to get an idea about the topic

+ Read the first statement more careffly . Underline the key words to understand the main point . for expamle , in statement 1 , Ss can underline Tet , 20th  February , Western calendar .

+ Search for the section of the text which deals with the idea or fact.

+ Once finding the relevant section , read it careffly . If the statements is smililar to the imformation in the text , then select “True ” . If the statement is the opposite to the imformation in the text , then seclect “Fasle ”

+ Continue with the rest to the statements

- T asks Ss to work invidually to do the task and discuss their answers with their peers .

- T calls one some Ss to give their answers and asks them to explain their choices .

- T gives the correct answers :

1 . F (it falls between 19th January and 20th February )

2 . F (it’s just for agraian people )

3 . T

4 . F (according to the passage , lucky money tends to be given to children )

5 . T

6 .T    


Instruction : You are requored to answer the seven questions in the book .

- T checks if Ss can answer the comprehension questions in TASK 3 wtithout to read the passage again . If Ss cannot , t gets them read the questions careffly and gives them some tips to do the task :

+ First , skim the six questions to undertand them . As Ss do this they :

* underline the key words . For instance , in questions 1 Ss can underline when , Tet , vietnam

* decide what information they need to find in the text

* look for questions words like “why ” which indicates Ss should read for specific thing like a reason .

+ Go back to the first question and locateds the information for the question by finding the key words in the passage and mark the place .

+ Read the part carefully to find the answer . Ss can use their own words .

+ Continue with the rest of the questions

- T asks Ss to word individually to do the task , then discuss their answers with their peers

- T calls on some Ss to write their answers on the board and ask them to expain their choise

- T gives the correct answers
1 . It sometime between 19th January and 20th February (line 2-3 , paragraph 1 )

2 tet’s preparations and celebrations used to be speard over months (line 1-2 ,paragraph 2 )

3 . They are decirated with coloured lights and red banners (line 3-4 .paragraph 2)

4 . They buy gifts , clean and decorate their houses and cook traditional foods (line 4-5 ,paragraph 2 )

5 . It is made from sticky rice ,green beans and fatty pork (line 5-6 .paragraph 3)

6 . must is candied fruit (line 6-7 ,paragraph 3)

7 . Visiting friends and other family members , exchangeing whises , going to the padoda , playing games ...(last paragraph )

Whole class , individual work & pair work


After You Read

- T asks Ss to work in groups tp tell each other about their last Tet holiday .T asks Ss what verb tense (past simple ) they should use .

- T goes around to help Ss when necessary .

- When all groups have finished , T calls on some Ss to report their ideas to the class .

- T elicits corrective feedback from other Ss and gives her own commets

Group work & whole class

2 ‘

Wrapping Up

- T summarises the main point

- T asks Ss to learn by heart all of the new words and do the extra exercise as homework

Whole class


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