Giáo án Tiếng Anh 12 unit 8: Life in the future

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Giáo án Tiếng Anh 12 unit 8: Life in the future

Mô tả BST Giáo án Tiếng Anh 12 unit 8

Những bộ Giáo án Tiếng Anh 12 Life In The Future được biên soạn một cách rõ ràng và chi tiết bởi nhiều giáo viên khác nhau sẽ là những tài liệu hữu ích cho các quý thầy cô tham khảo. Đến với bộ sưu tập này, giáo viên sẽ giúp học sinh nắm được kiến thức về những thay đổi của cuộc sống trong tương lai, được phổ biến kiến ​​thức về cuộc sống và môi trường. Bên cạnh đó, học sinh sẽ được học các từ liên quan đến đời sống và kinh tế, môi trường, biết cách sử dụng các gới từ “in, on, at, of, by, about,...". Hi vọng, tài liệu này sẽ giúp các thầy cô có thêm ý tưởng cho bài soạn của mình.

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Tóm tắt Giáo án Tiếng Anh 12 unit 8




A. Aims unit Life in the future

  • To help students improve their reading skills: scanning and skimming, guessing the meaning of words in context.

B. Aids unit Life in the future

  • English textbook for students
  • English textbook for teachers
  • Pictures

C. Methods unit Life in the future

  • Communicative approach and learner - centered approach.

D. Procedure unit Life in the future

Teacher’s activities

Students’ activities

I. Warm-up:

1/ What are the people going to do?

2/ Does it look like a normal airplane?

3/ How is it different?

4/ Do you think that life in the future will be like this?

Aims: to introduce the topic of the lesson and to raise students' interest.

- Introduce the lesson

- Ask students to look at the questions in Before you read, page 80, working in pairs to discuss the question in Before you read:

  1. Do you think life will be better in the future? Why / Why not?
  2. List three things that might happen in the future.

II. Before you read :

- Ask students to look at the picture ask and answer the questions.



III. While you read :

- Ask students to look through the passage and read in silence

- Help students read the passage

- Explain pronunciation and meaning of new words which appear in the passage

  • Corporation(n): a large business company
  • Chore(n): a job that is not interesting but that you must do
  • Burden(n): something that is heavy and difficult to carry
  • Influence(v): to have an effect on or power over sb/sth so that he/she/it changes
  • Methane(n): a gas without color or smell, that burns easily and that we can use to produce heat
  • Responsibility(n): a duty to deal with sth so that it is your fault if sth goes wrong


Task 1 :

- Ask students to read through the text once to find out some new words, guess the main idea.

- Explain new words (give the Vietnamese equivalents), guide the Ss to get the main contents of the reading text.

- Ask students to work individually in 3 minutes to do this task.

- Guide students to read through the passage , then focus on only the sentences surrounding the suggested words to do the task effectively.

- Give students some more words that may be new/ unfamiliar to them.

- Guide the students to read the word in chorus and individually.

Task 2:

- Ask students to read the passage again then work in pairs to ask and answer the suggested questions.

- Walk around the class to give help if necessary.

- Give suggested words, phrases or useful suggestions.


- Correct the students’ work.



Task 3:

- Ask students to read the questions carefully.

- Ask students to read through the passage again.

- Ask the class to do .

- Call some students to give the answers.

- Ask others students to correct.

- Give the true answers







IV. After you read :

- Ask students to work in groups to scan the text again.

- Ask them to work in  small groups of three or four to discuss the Advantages and disadvantages of Robots

- Encourage them to use their own words.

- Ask some students to report.

V. Home work:


- Review the reading and prepare the speaking at home.

- Listen to teacher.

- Look at the picture and answer the questions:

1/ They are going to fly.

2/ No

3/ It looks more modern than a normal airplane. It has no wings.

4/ Yes,


Possible answers

S1: Do you think life will be better in the future?

S2: Yes

S1: Why?

S2: Because of the development of science and technology.

S1: List three things that might happen in the future

S2: I think in the future, people can live in the Mar, people will be healthy without any diseases, and they can travel by plane to work everyday.

- Look at the picture, listen to the teacher then ask and answer the questions in the book.

 - Work in pairs.

- Listen to the teacher then read the passages

- Ask some new words if necessary

- Give Vietnamese equivalents

  • Corporation(n):
  • Chore(n):
  • Burden(n):
  • Influence(v):
  • Methane(n):

  -   Responsibility(n):

- Read the words

- Read the passage in silence


- Work individually to read the text then choose the the words and phrases in the passage:

- Share the key with other students:


  1. Pessimists: nhung nguoi bi quan
  2. Optimists: nhung nguoi lac quan
  3. Economic depression: suy thoai kinh te
  4. Terrorism: khung bo
  5. Wiped out: xoa sach
  6. Space shuttle: tau vu tru







- Listen to the teacher then do the task.

- Work in pairs:


  1. Many large corporations will be wiped out and millions of jobs will be lost.
  2. The security of the earth will be threatened by terrorism, as terrorist groups will become more powerful and more dangerous.
  3. People will be living in much cleaner environment, breathing fresher air and eating healthier foods. They will also be better looked after by a modern medical system. Domestic chores will no longer be a burden thanks to the interventions of labor- saving devices.
  4. They are developments in micro technology- computer and telecommunication.

- Work individually to read the text then choose the the words and phrases in the passage:

- Share the key with other students:


  1. Work: factories will be run by robots, offices will go electronic, many people will work from home.
  2. Travel: travel by space shuttle very fast, at 15000 kms per hour; cars could run on electricity or methane gas and fitted with computers.

- Listen to the teacher then do the task.

- Some students stand up  to report their discussions.

- Work in groups

Advantages: save labor, do difficult jobs so that men have more time to enjoy life or do more creative work.

Disadvantages: replace human beings in many fields so many people will lose their jobs or go jobless

- Listen to the teacher

- Write down the homework to do at home.


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