MA-Thesis: A study on techniques to teach english vocabulary to 4th grades at le van tam primary school

MA-Thesis A study on techniques to teach english vocabulary to 4th grades at le van tam primary school most learners and teachers understand the importance of vocabulary acquisition. In recent years, second language vocabulary acquisition has become an increasingly interesting topic of discussion for teachers because vocabulary plays a crucial role in language learning.

MA-Thesis: A study on techniques to teach english vocabulary to 4th grades at le van tam primary school

1. Preface

1.1 Rationale

As we know, language always plays a vital role in human life. Because it is a useful tool for people to communicate with each other, transfer information or share emotion with others. Each country in the world has its own language, even in one country there are many different languages spoken and written. English is known as an international language, and used in many countries in the world. English helps people to communicate with any citizens of any countries in the world, and to approach the civilized world.

1.2 Aims of the study

Researching the techniques to teach English vocabulary for students of primary schools will help teachers and students understand thoroughly the role, importance of teaching and learning vocabulary in study and daily communication of English. If we have no vocabulary, we do not have language, because word is the smallest unit to create a sentence. The increasing number of vocabulary assists understanding and communicating effectively. In any Englishstudying courses, learning vocabulary is considered as main purpose.

1.3 The research questions

 This research is conducted in response to investigating the following research questions.

  • How do the techniques of teaching help students improve vocabulary?
  • To what extent does the technique of teaching vocabulary engage pupils remember words? Each of the proposed questions will be addressed in the analysis and discussion section of the research paper.

1.4 Scope of the study

Due to the limitation of teaching period and conditions, this topic shall only apply for teaching vocabulary for students of primary schools.

1.5 The significance of this study

The self-perception of errors in combination with teachers’ feedback hopefully will help them improve the current drawbacks in the teaching and learning of English vocabulary. This study will help students grow awareness of vocabulary problems that they might have not noticed before and raise some suggestion for the improvement of the problems

2. Content

2.1 Literature review


Roles of vocabulary in teaching and learning

The main principles in teaching vocabulary

Techniques of teaching vocabulary to primary students

Review of related studies

2.2 Research methodology



Instruments and procedures

2.3 Findings and discussion


Comparing the results of the control and experimental groups

3. Conclusion 

With the title of the study “A study on techniques to teach English vocabulary for 4th graders at Le Van Tam primary school " the researcher used different methods such as observation, semi-structured interviews and tests to get the answer. Two questions were asked for this research. There have been many researchers offering many methods to teach vocabulary to primary students. The purpose of the technique of teaching English vocabulary such us series of pictures shown on the projector is a powerful teaching technique to improve students' ability to memorize vocabulary. At the same time, this technique attracted students into the classroom and took part in other activities of the English subject.

4. References

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