MA-Thesis: Factors affecting grade 11 students' motivation in learning english at que vo 1 high school

MA-Thesis  Factors affecting grade 11 students' motivation in learning english at que vo 1 high school investigated the role of motivation and factors affecting grade 11 students’ motivation in learning English at Que Vo 1 high school. Factors related to teachers, parents, classroom features and environment were examined. Additionally, the researcher wanted to gain an understanding of teachers’ viewpoints regarding student motivation and observe motivated students’ behaviors

MA-Thesis: Factors affecting grade 11 students' motivation in learning english at que vo 1 high school

1. Preface

1.1 Rationale

In the process of the integration and development, Vietnamese education in general and foreign language education in particular are facing with an increasing demand for English-speaking people who are expected to be competent to communicate verbally with the outside world and to access technology. This demand highlights the important role of English in the education and training sector and national development. English is now not seen as an effective medium of international communication but a golden key to access science, technology and many other sectors as well.

1.2 Aims of the study

As mentioned in above, the main objective of this research is to provide an investigation on the factors influencing grade 11 students’ motivation in learning English at Que Vo 1 High School, and based on that, to propose the recommendations for enhancing English-learning motivation of these students.

1.3 The research questions

With the given aims of the study, the study seeks to answer the following research question: What are the factors that affect grade 11 students’ motivation in learning English at Que Vo 1 High School?

1.4 Scope of the study

Learners’ success or failure in language learning can be affected by many factors which are closely related. Among these factors, motivation seems to be a highly complex one that needs to be systematically studied. Accordingly, this study focuses on grade 11 students’ motivation in learning English to improve the quality of teaching and learning English at Que Vo 1 High School. In terms of time scope, this research was conducted in the second semester of the school year 2018-2019 and some applications for motivating grade 11 students to learn English are proposed for the next years

1.5 The significance of this study

The significance of this study is expressed in its contribution to the innovation of teaching methods for the students in grade 11 at Que Vo 1 High School in particular and Vietnam public schools in general. It is also expected that the research findings in this study can help the English teachers as well as the administrators in Que Vo 1 High School in evaluating the students’ motivation in learning English, the factors influencing their learning motivation as well as understanding the students’ perspective on the aspects of the current teaching method. And based on that, the recommendations given in this study will support for the English teachers in designing their teaching methods and programs, through adding other activities to enhance their students’ English learning motivation and interest.

2. Content

2.1 Literature review

Theoretical background

Review of previous studies

Motivation in second language acquisition


2.2 Research methodology

Research design

The setting of the study

Data collection

Data analysis


2.3 Findings and discussion

Research questions revisited



3. Conclusion and recommendations

Summary of the study

The goal of the thesis was to identify factors affecting grade 11 students motivation in learning English. The study also aimed at being a guide for the teacher candidates to be able to understand their learners’ personal or environmental problems and help them to create more motivating environments


Basing on the findings drawn from the research instruments, the researcher would like to suggest some recommendations about this research:

  • Teachers should motivate the students by establishing environment of affection, coordination and participation
  • Teachers should enhance the learning goals among the students by emphasizing on their positive feedback


Although the research has reached its aims, there were some unavoidable limitations. First, the students whom we reached to ask to take our questionnaire were not truly a random sample. Second, the research was conducted only on a limited number of participants in one high school in Que Vo district which made the use of advanced statistical methods impossible thus the results of the study can only indicate the potential application of the findings to broad population

Suggestions for further study

Due to shortage of time and lack of resources the researcher cannot study the whole picture of the factors affecting students' motivation in learning English at the school

4. References

Butler, Y. G. (2014). Parental Factors in Children’s Motivation for Learning English: a case in China, Research papers in Education, 30(2), 164-191. Cheung, C. S. S., & Pomerantz, E. M. (2012).

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