MA-Thesis: An investigation into reading strategies used by efl students at high school

MA-Thesis An investigation into reading strategies used by efl students at high school to investigate some difficulties that readers at high schools may have, the second focus of the study is finding the effective reading strategies that might help students to better comprehend a reading task.

MA-Thesis: An investigation into reading strategies used by efl students at high school

1. Preface

1.1 Rationale

It is a fact that many high school students find reading comprehension one of the most challenges when they sit for graduation examination. The difficulties experienced by these language learners might be explained as lack of reading strategies and poor background knowledge of the given topics or of the world in general

1.2 Aims of the study

The general aim of this study is to investigate the reading strategies used by senior secondary schools students who are learning English as a foreign language to enhance reading comprehension. More specifically, the research aims to find out reading difficulties perceived by English language learners from cultural and psychological perspectives and how to overcome these difficulties

1.3 The research questions

With the aims stated above, the study focuses on answering these research questions:

  • What reading difficulties are experienced by students at high school?
  •  What types of reading strategies are most/least preferable?

1.4 Scope of the study

The present study is carried out with students of grades 12 who will take the final exam by the end of the school year. The results of the exam will be of great importance for their university education. The aims of the study focus on these learners because the English language exam has long been a phobia for many students in Vietnam.

2. Content

2.1 Literature review

Definitions of reading

The comprehension process

Factors affecting reading comprehension

Reading comprehension models

Types of reading

Causes of students' reading difficulties

Reading strategies

2.2 Research methodology

Research design



Data collection instruments

2.3 Findings and discussion

Results for research question 1

Results for research question 2

The intervention

3. Conclusion 

Reading as one of the basic skills, is considered as an crucial element for everyday life. As stated in earlier chapters, the aim of this dissertation was to investigate various reading difficulties faced by high school students in Vietnam and to explore what reading strategies they use to overcome reading difficulties in silent reading time. The standard of reading skill is not satisfactory for all the students and have multifaceted difficulties. The study has tried to find out those difficulties and strategies use by them in detail. This study encompasses both quantitative and qualitative approaches to collect data

4. References

Alderson, J. C. (1984) Reading in a foreign language: A reading problem or a language problem. In Alderson, J. C. & A. H. Urquhart (eds.). Reading in a foreign language. London and New York: Longman, pp. 1-27.

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